Rowan Class

Rowan Class is a class of 21 Year 2 children, taught by Miss Sophie Wooff and supported by Mrs Edge, Miss Evans and Mrs Stott. We are also taught by our wonderful headteacher Mrs Prince on Fridays.

This term, Rowan Class’ topic is ‘Intrepid Explorers’

The children will be learning about different explorers throughout history. We will go back in time, more than 500 years, to discover what it was like to be an explorer on a voyage west, before taking a trip to space with Neil Armstrong and the crew on the Apollo 11 mission.

If you would like to see what else we will be up to then here is our Curriculum Newsletter for the Autumn Term: Rowan-Autumn-Curriculum-Newsletter

Here is our curriculum matrix, where you can find all the topics for the rest of the year (B).Christ Church Curriculum Matrix 2021 HOLLY AND ROWAN CLASS


Please note that we will be following the same matrix as Holly Class this year, but with different tasks. This is to ensure that the children finish the two-year rolling programme started with Mrs Thomson and leave KS1 with a complete set of skills and knowledge.