Rota Kids

RotaKids is a fun way for young people to try something new, make friends and make a difference in the community.


RotaKids Pledge

To be fair to all

To serve my community

To show respect for others


Spring Term Update

Easter Bingo

A total of £365 was raised by the Easter Bingo event.  Thank you to everyone who attended or donated a prize.  I think everyone will agree, we had great fun.  Any eggs donated, and not used, as prizes were donated to the Morecambe Bay Foodbank.

The children were very keen that the money raised should be used to ease the suffering of children caught up in the Ukraine conflict.  With this is mind, £365 was given to a local mission organised by Mrs Swindlehurst’s husband, Mark.  The money was taken to the town of  Zamosc, near to the Ukranian border, and used to provide food, nappies, beds, shelter and some treats for families in the settlement centres.  Aid was also taken to families currently still in the Ukraine who are sheltering.  The children in Oak Class have been receiving regular video updates and photos showing the journey and how the money has been used to directly help those most in need.

Summer Term Events

Cake Sale

Rotakids are organising a cake sale on July 7th to raise money for Lend with Care, our international charity.  The money raised from the sale will go to small businesses around the world with the aim that their business will grow and become sustainable. They can then pay back the loan which can then be loaned to another business.  Year 2 have been learning all about Lend With Care and have chosen new businesses to support.


The Rotakids are proposing to participate in a SWIMATHON on the 15th June with proceeds going to Young Minds. On that day, we will run a mental health day to support the work of Young Minds.  Details to follow…

Previous RotaKids Events

Reverse Advent Calendar

Each year, we organise a reverse advent calendar to give Christmas food and gifts to Morecambe Bay Foodbank.  On a specified day in December, linked to your child’s birthday month, we ask that you donate something non-persishable to help those less well off enjoy the festive period.

Thank you so much for everyone who contributed to the Reverse Advent Calendar 2021.  As you can see we collected a fantastic amount (over 7 boxes).  Morecambe Bay Foodbank collected your donations and were overwhelmed by your generosity.  Thank you for supporting our RotaKids event.

Reindeer Rush

On Friday 10th December, the RotaKids organised a Reindeer Rush event to support St John’s Hospice.  We can announce that we raised an amazing £519.  Thank you everyone for supporting this event, especially those that sponsored children to take part.