School Development Plan

Every year we focus on further developing and improving the education we provide for the children in our care. We are constantly striving to ensure that the needs of everyone are met, whether you are a parent, child, governor, staff member or part of the local community. We make our decisions based on the information you provide us through our parent and pupil questionnaires and also through inspections undertaken by Ofsted and SIAMS.

Last year, our school priorities were centred around developing our Christian ethos and partnership with parents and the community. This year we would like to continue these priorities but also look at how to develop writing across the school and how to support our new members of staff.

Key Priorities
Key Priority 1 To ensure children develop questioning, reflective minds for the modern-day world in which we live.
Key Priority 2 To further develop the role of subject leaders, to ensure they have knowledge and ownership of their subject across the school
Key Priority 3 To continue to ensure effective use of the catch up and recovery premiums to help narrow gaps in learning due to two periods of school closure
Key Priority 4 To improve our outdoor environment to create a positive and stimulating outdoor learning environment