The best and most beneficial homework for all children is reading and talking with parents about books and their learning in school. Every child is expected to read every night and they have Reading Record books where comments and success about their reading can be recorded.

In addition to reading, we expect our children to consolidate their learning in school by completing a spelling task and a mathematics or other subject task each week. Each child from Year 1 upwards, will be given a homework book in which to complete their tasks. Homework will be handed to the children on Fridays and is to be returned the following Wednesday.

At Carnforth Christ Church we believe in producing work to a high standard, in particular children’s presentation must be neat and clear and work must be written in pencil (or a blue handwriting pen if they normally use this in class and have access to this at home). Biro pen, felt tip, crayons or gel pens are not permitted. It is expected that children complete all homework tasks set to the best of their ability, neatly and within the time allocations given.

Class Teachers will set homework tasks which are age appropriate and also reflect the needs of each individual child, including those with special educational needs and those requiring further challenge. If a child does not complete their homework at home on regular occurrences, provision will be made in school time for the child to catch up.